Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let's start with a classic!

This is why dream catchers had a market in the 70s.
This bundle of joy has been scaring children for generations. Jolly Chimp was a wildly popular battery operated toy in which the original was manufactured in the 1950s in Japan by C-K Kuramochi & Company. HOWEVER this is NOT the original. This picture is of the Korean knock off I took the liberty of showing you first to ease you into what you are about to see. The original Japanese version was more of a deterrent for good dreams, animals, children, and possibly home invaders. And here it is in all it's original battery operated glory...
When powered this cute little fellow makes modern horror movies look like sesame street as it clangs it's cymbals insidiously while it's eyes bulge in and out. Hit the button in it's head and it bares it's teeth while releasing a heart piercing screech.
Okay maybe with the lights on it was slightly less sinister... But it certainly is even more disturbing of a toy than even Pixar made it out to be in Toy Story 3. I believe every family should own one, much like a dog it should ward off any home invaders when placed in the window only you don't have to feed it.
Lastly I can't leave out the last of the three, who I've not been able to find any information on whatsoever since he lacks any tags or markings of any sort, and I cannot find one for sale or a picture of one anywhere. It looks like a much newer version though.

A quick intro.

     My name is Robert. I'm 22 and currently a working college student. Recently I have come into the inheritance of a kindly old gentleman's collectible memorabilia. I have never been a collector so at first I looked at it all as junk, because honestly that's what most people my age would(will) think if they saw it. I have since realized after looking through all these toys and collectibles that this was a person's life long hobby and he obviously loved it. Though it appears junk to most, a lot of these items have interesting and rich history behind them, or are just fun to talk about(make fun of). So I decided I would write a blog(I have never blogged before) about the interesting and uninteresting. As I research them to be placed on E-bay and sold to help pay for school....And to free up the space 50 boxes of these take up. Who knows, maybe even someone reading will take interest in one as I know nothing of collectibles.